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Join United Crafters of America and join an opportunity machine! We're connecting makers and retailers from coast to coast. We're creating strategic partnerships that benefit makers and retailers by streamlining operations on all sides.

Retailers can focus on the many hats they wear. We'll focus on bringing them the products they need without cost prohibitive barriers. They focus on their customers, their social media, their sales and we'll prop them up! It's a retailer's dream. One partnership that brings dozens of makers. 

Beyond just bringing a retailer exactly what they need we make reporting easy. No need to send out reports and payouts to dozens of clients, just send it to us and we'll do the rest! One report, one payout. It could not be easier on retailers! 

What's in it for makers? That's easy - strategic partnerships that bring you into new markets from coast to coast.  No need to spend countless hours emailing, applying etc. You keep making and we'll bring the opportunity to you. When we put you in several stores you won't have to field multiple reports, contracts, payouts or communicating with multiple retailers. Streamlining saves you so much time and energy! Devote that time to being creative. 


Makers - Join UCOA to get on the list. We have stores to fill right now!


Retailers - Apply to be included in our consignment program!

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